Care Guide

Once your handmade furniture is delivered, we know you’ll want to care for it and keep it in the best condition. Our experts have put together a care guide to provide all the guidance you need to look after your design.


    When your sofa bed, sofa or armchair first arrives your seat cushions may feel a little firmer than you’d expect. This is because they’ve just been handmade and need time to settle - with regular use they will relax and soften.


    Heat from radiators and direct sunlight may cause fabric to fade over time, so try to position your sofa bed, sofa or armchair out of the sun and away from radiators.

  • FUZZ

    Some fabrics, such as our brushed cottons and linens, have a layer of fibres on the surface that can pill or lint, like a jumper would. This is normal and will disperse in time, however you can use a de-fuzzer to speed up this process.

Our siliconized hollow fibre and feather-wrapped foam seat cushions require plumping regularly to retain their fullness. If you would prefer not to plump your cushions regularly then we recommend choosing our reflex foam seat cushions.

You can keep your seat cushions in the best shape by following the below

  • Remove the cushion from
    your sofa bed, sofa or armchair

  • Beat each side of
    the cushion

  • Give the filling a
    good shake

  • Drop onto a clean floor to
    push the air back into the cushion

  • Position the cushion back
    on your sofa bed, sofa or armchair

  • Brush your cushion to stimulate the pile to help with pressure marks and shading,
    especially on velvets. If you’ve chosen a leather, use a clean duster to wipe it down
    weekly instead of a brush

  • Ease the cushion filling
    out of its cover

  • Plump and tease the fibres
    following the daily guide

  • Ease the filling back
    into its cover

  • Close the zip securely

  • Position the cushion
    back on your sofa bed, sofa or armchair

  • Use a low setting and brush attachment to remove dust particles, prevent soiling and help reduce any natural piling.
    Avoid using an industrial hoover or a high setting.

  • After delivery allow your sofa bed mattress
    or bed mattress to freshen and air for four hours
    once removed from the wrapping.

  • The springs and upholstery in your old mattress will
    have deteriorated over time, so your new mattress may
    feel a little firmer at first and take time to get used to.

  • Monthly

    Air the mattress by turning back the bed linen for a few hours.

  • Every 3-6 months

    Rotate or flip your mattress. One-sided or ‘no-turn’ mattresses should be rotated, so that the head end becomes the foot end. Two-sided or ‘turn’ mattresses should be flipped.


    Clean your mattress with a soft brush or vacuum, but never use detergent or chemical cleaner as this can cause staining, bleaching and damage to your covers and fillings.

  • 10 YEARS

    Our mattresses are handmade to a high quality and only need replacing every 10 years.

If you have any further questions about caring for your sofa bed, sofa, armchair or
mattress, then please call us on 020 8939 3800.

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